Monthly Archives: June 2011

The “C” Family | Anchorage Family Photographer

What is home? It is a place where you find comfort, peace, love, and happiness. Filled with family and friends, “home” reaches into the deepest part of ourselves and ultimately becomes a reflection of who we really are. Most of my family sessions take place in the beautiful outdoors (which I love!) but every so […]


Mary at 3 Months | Anchorage Baby Photographer

While an absolute darling at her newborn session, by the time Mary’s three month session came along, she had pretty much decided that she didn’t like the camera anymore. But you know what? Turns out that even her little pouty faces are absolutely adorable! There’s no doubt about it… while Mary may not like the […]


Tanis | Anchorage Baby Photographer

Take chubby cheeks, eyes that sparkle, a few dimples, and a put them together on an adorable little girl and that makes one bad case of baby fever for this lady here. What’s made this session even more special was what Anna and I had to go through to make the session actually happen. At […]