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Mary at One Year | Anchorage Baby Photographer

One of the hardest things about my job is watching all these sweet little babies grow up into curious fun-loving toddlers. As mom, it was hard enough to watch Caleb grow up right before my eyes, but it’s downright heartbreaking to watch it with all my “other babies.”

Take Mary for example. I’ve had the joy of photographing Mary every 3 months for the past year as part of the exclusive Baby’s First Year plan (which a little birdie said may be making a comeback later this year! but shhh!). You may remember her as this tiny, peachy-skinned beauty:

Now she’s all grown up! Well.. almost. Her mommy and I were most excited that Mary smiled more during this session than all her other sessions combined! But it was a smile worth waiting for.



Do you want to know the most exciting news of all? Mary took her first steps during our session! AND we got it in pictures! It was such an incredible feeling to be there to witness her first steps. I’m so thankful I was able to share in that memory.