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(Almost) Birthday Girl | My Life

I can’t believe she’s almost a year old. This past year has sped by, not because of being busy or anything like that, but because Sam has reached each milestone at least a good month before her brother did. She crawled sooner, sat up sooner, walked sooner, talked sooner. The only thing she didn’t do before her brother was sleep through the night- though that milestone I would have gladly welcomed!

With Caleb, at a year old we had watched him take his first steps and then he decided to keep on crawling, so we were still carrying him around for the most part. With Sam, she is already walking beside us and holding our hand like a big girl. She is definitely watching her big brother and trying to copy everything he does. Even as I am excited for each new milestone, my heart breaks a little bit because it means she’s that much less of a baby and that much more a little girl. That “babyhood” only lasts 12 months or so and we are almost to the end of that stage. Even with all of the short nights and poopy diapers, I love my babies as babies. I’m going to miss this.

It’s just two weeks until her first birthday, and we plan to cherish every moment.

Happy (almost) birthday, Baby Sam.