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Favorite Fall Locations

Out of all the seasons, I think the Autumn is my favorite when it comes to shooting outdoors and on location. The colors are so bright and vivid and translate so beautifully to captured images, and yet have this whimsical quality about them. Each photographer has their own set of special locations that are completely unique to them (and as such, are fiercely guarded), but even when photographers do shoot in the same exact spot, it still amazes me how different the end result will be, as unique as the photographers themselves.

Here are a few of my personal favorite spots for the fall season, and the reasons why I love them!



I’ve driven by the spot dozens, if not hundreds of times, but I never thought to have a session there until one of my long-time favorite families mentioned it as an idea for their family session. Suddenly that lightbulb went on and I literally said to myself, “Duh! That spot would be perfect!” And it was.

While we did have to dodge cyclists for some of the shots (we are always very respectful of other visitors, especially those on bikes as we would hate to interrupt someone’s exercise routine or afternoon stroll) all of these pictures were taken literally within a 50 feet radius of each other. Talk about variety!

Lovely tall grass with gorgeous tones, a little dirt path, trees decked out in their Autumn best, a trail shaded by friendly branches, and lots of golden leaves to play in. This spot was a favorite with the kids as they got to explore and collect plenty of “treasures,” and the best pictures are taken when children are just naturally having fun and enjoying the magic of the moment.


This spot was actually introduced to me by a client literally the morning of our session. She promised that I would “absolutely love it” and she was right! I instantly fell in love with this little tucked-away gem and visited it several times over the following weeks. Even though Anchorage is surrounded by water, we don’t often get to shoot by the shoreline since the mudflats are so dangerous, yet this spot just the right (safe) distance away, yet had that wonderful seashore feel.

You can see in some of the pictures that the spot is even gorgeous when it’s overcast, creating these lovely pastel tones that made the shots look like watercolor paintings. Truly beautiful.

With driftwood and fallen logs, water-worn boulders, and even a darling little duckpond, this truly had the best of everything and will be a favorite spot year after year.


Now this was actually the first place I shot at this season, and was one of the most special as it was a random discovery while driving around with my family. Well, actually, it wasn’t so very random. We were trying to find a field just like this, only it showed up in the unlikeliest of locations. Literally across the street from one of the busiest intersections in town, this field has the ability to make you feel as though you’re in the middle of nowhere, and that’s saying something for a city the size of Anchorage.

I adore the tall grass with all its lovely shades- green for late summer and gold for the peak of Autumn. The little ones would run through the field, their fingers brushing the grass, laughing wildly. It was the vision I had carried in my heart, now coming true before my eyes. The perfect location doesn’t have to be elaborate or exotic or jaw-dropping, it simply has to share in the story we are telling, providing the setting for wonderful memories being created.

The Fall season is quickly coming to close as the promise of snow lingers in our future, but I truly loved each and every session that took place and am already looking forward to next year! Thank you to all of my Falltime families and I’ll see you again in 2014!