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Living with Photography

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I love photography.


Okay, so that’s not really a secret. But while I do love to display images that speak to my heart and fill us with joy every time we look at them, it wasn’t always that way.

For the longest time, I was doing good to have one or two portraits on the wall. I had convinced myself that we didn’t have the space to display them, much less the time to put something together. Then I found myself having clients ask over and over about what was displayed in our home and what my favorite products were, and I had precious little to share with them. Somehow, our home and our family had gone the way of the cobbler’s children and I had no one and nothing to blame but myself.

So in the summer of last year, I made the decision that excuses were a thing of the past and I wasn’t going to let limited wall space or lack of time stand in the way of enjoying our memories. With that determination, I actually scheduled myself as my own client and when that time slot popped up on my calendar, I measured walls, perused through product options, and began narrowing down my absolute favorite images that begged to be displayed and enjoyed.

By the end of the year we had a gallery wall in our dining room and three large canvases for our living room, as well as a collection of custom framed prints in various parts of the house. At the time, we were actually in the process of purchasing our first home and for a moment, that almost proved to be another obstacle. After all, who wants to spend all the time and energy to arrange wall galleries and frame prints only to pack up and move in a few weeks? Yet I knew that enjoying those memories for even a few short weeks would be more than worth the “wasted” effort. As it turned out, I am glad to have gone ahead with the grand scheme as it allowed me to formulate a vision for our new home and know for sure what did or did not work for our decor, as well as favorite products and styles.

Before we had even been in our new house for a week, canvases were already hung on the wall and new ones were on order. Somehow, having these beloved portraits on display became the catalyst for turning a builder-grade house into a warm home filled with laughter and memories.

Today, we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 pictures displayed, with still more images in my “favorites folder” waiting for the next wave of spending money. The gallery wall above my desk (originally displayed in our old dining room) is made up entirely of immediate and extended family. It is the first wall you see when you walk into the house and I love that as I’m working on client galleries, I can look up and see my mom cuddling with her granddaughter or the smile and happy wrinkles on Micah’s dad’s face as he met his grandson for the first time. I see the last generational family portrait with my grandmother, the kind, beautiful woman that Samantha Marlene is named after, and I send up yet another prayer of thankfulness for having known her for 25 wonderful years.

As you walk around our home, you’ll see smiling faces and quiet moments, our favorite wedding portrait, snapshots displayed next to professional sessions, and each picture with a story behind it. And if you stand still long enough, I’ll share each and every memory with you.

Whether you have one wall to fill or an entire home, print those digital images, frame those snapshots, order that canvas from your wish list- enjoy your memories each and every day and experience the joy and happiness that comes from living with photography.