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The Motherhood Collective | Vol. 3

The Motherhood Collective is a year long project by a group of like-minded photographers capturing real moments and precious images of ourselves with our children. 

Together, we are embarking on a year long personal project, encouraging each other to step outside of our comfort zone, lay aside our need for technical perfection, ignore those stubborn extra pounds on our waistlines, and simply cherish these simple, beautiful moments with our babies.

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There are days when I find myself at the point of tears as we struggle over schoolwork or I’m picking up the same mess in the living room for the fifth time that morning. Frustrated, I chase a half-naked toddler around the house, knowing that we are already running ten minutes late. And yet, somehow the kids know the exact moment when mom is “about to lose it” and come over to give me a much needed hug, a kiss on the cheek, and whisper, “Love you.”

When I feel overwhelmed, I know that all I have to do is tell Caleb, “You’re my favorite little boy,” and he’ll instantly smile and say back, “You’re my favorite big mommy.”

And if I ever need a hug, Samantha always has one ready and will give at least six kisses in a row before being overcome with giggles.

I’m so thankful that while children can be the very ones that frustrate us to the point of tears, but are just what we need to smile again.
And all the crazy moments just make the good ones all the more wonderful.

Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_0744 Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_0745 Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_0746

The Motherhood Collective is shared as a blog circle, so you can click the link below to visit the next blog, and so on, until you arrive back here in Alaska. I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to see these lovely women with their children and read the words that come straight from the heart. By the time you come back around, you’ll want to hug your own baby close and cover them with kisses.

Visit fellow mother & photographer Lauren with Lauren Margaret Photography to see her March contribution. I loved reading about her sweet kids and the relationship between brother & sister.