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One Look | Amara and Finn

These littles did so amazing for their Twins Newborn Session. Usually a newborn session with twins is spent soothing one sleepy baby while trying to coax the awake baby back to sleep only to have the first baby wake up just as their sibling drifts off. It’s very much a juggling act and many photographers will only shoot with with an assistant since it really does require more than one set of hands.

Then there are babies like Amara and Finnegan. This sweet little brother and sister absolutely loved being cuddled next two each other and slept 99.9% of the session (brother did wake up once to eat- hungry little man). As long as they were wrapped up and in front of the heater, they were happy campers. I wish I could put all their sweetness in a bottle and sprinkle it at all my newborn sessions!

Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_3676

And of course, we can’t forget mommy, daddy, and big sister Emmy (who I photographed as a newborn and lastly, at her one year milestone).

Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_3675