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The Motherhood Collective | Vol. 11

The Motherhood Collective is a year long project by a group of like-minded photographers capturing real moments and precious images of ourselves with our children. 

Together, we are embarking on a year long personal project, encouraging each other to step outside of our comfort zone, lay aside our need for technical perfection, ignore those stubborn extra pounds on our waistlines, and simply cherish these simple, beautiful moments with our babies.

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If I could title this season of their young lives, it would be “The Sillies” for truly this is the silliest they have ever been. Samantha is constantly giggling and being goofy, trying to make those around her laugh and smile. Caleb, at the ripe old age of five, has started cracking jokes… that almost always don’t make sense. But then we’re laughing at his attempt more than the joke itself and find that either way he’s happy.

Sure, we might get fake smiles and cheesy grins for pictures, we might get unruly laughter and spontaneous tickling, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As we near the end of this year-long Motherhood project, one of the many  take-aways has been that life doesn’t always go perfectly but if you see the good, it will be its own version of perfect. Every mess, every goofy grin in place of a real one, every dance among the flowers just because they can; they all become painfully precious when realizing that this stage won’t last forever. One day the flower dances will end. One day even the goofy grin will be replaced but a teenage eye-roll. And one day when they’re both gone off on their own adventures, then I will miss the messes, too.

My silly littles. I know you can’t stay this way forever, so let’s enjoy it while you do.

Megan Marlene Photography_0677

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