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Clara at Five Months

Oh, my precious girl. Five months old.

You’re sitting up now and love your toes. In fact, they double as chew toys. You smile at everything and nothing makes you giggle more than just watching our dog walk around the house. “Real” food was introduced at Christmas and you love to eat! Rice cereal is your favorite and you get hangry if we don’t feed you fast enough.

Naps are a close second to meals for being your favorite part of the day. You’re like a little clock and want to be asleep for your first nap by 11:30 every morning. Now, nighttime is another matter entirely. You’re still waking up every 3 hours (again, like clockwork) but thankfully go back to sleep right away. We’re hoping to work on sleep training more in the coming months but for now we’re at a good spot.

We’ve finally left 3mo size clothing behind for good and are firmly in 3-6 months, though you’re quickly outgrowing those, too. And we can’t keep socks on your feet for anything! You do know how to rock a tutu, though.

As for mobility, you’re rolling in both directions and just started scooting backwards. You’re getting more and more frustrated that you can’t get to where you want to be and will probably end up crawling sooner than I would like.

You love music and bouncing and being tickled and are by-far one of the most cuddly babies I’ve ever held. You’ll snuggle with anyone and are always ready with a smile.

And those cheeks! They’ve been adorable chipmunk cheeks since the day you were born and as for what is cutest of all, well, it’s a toss-up between the cheeks, your chunky thighs, and those gorgeous eyelashes. (thanks, Daddy!)

Of course, brother and sister still adore you. Caleb makes you laugh and Samantha is your playmate. You are the three amigos.

Clara, my Clara. You are the joy of my life. The perfect cherry-on-top for our three munchkins. It’s been an amazing five months and I am so excited to still have half of your “first year” ahead of us.