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Announcing: The Nursing Event

Did you know that August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week? I didn’t until last year. It was then that I saw pictures and articles being shared in social media and was instantly drawn to the sense of community that spanned the globe, each of us celebrating the struggles and joys of feeding our babies.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy. It’s difficult, frustrating, even painful. And yet it’s one of the sweetest of bonds between mother and child and often one of the least-supported and least-recorded. But every year greater strides are made to normalize breastfeeding and provide much-needed support.

For some, nursing is a sacred bond, as natural and intuitive as rocking your baby to sleep. For others, it is an emotional journey with a hard-fought victory. Perhaps you’re a new mom, just starting your breastfeeding journey or maybe you’re nursing your last little one for the final weeks, a bittersweet ending (that’s me!).

Some moms only have a few phone pictures to remember this season while most don’t have anything. I hope to change that and present beautiful, tasteful portraits that forever record what it feels like hold your little one against you and nourish their growing body.

The Nursing Event is one day of intimate styled sessions in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, celebrating mamas and their sweet babies.

These sessions will be designed with simple styling in my light & airy aesthetic with simple furnishings, white gauzy curtains, cream bedding, and soft, gentle light. We’ll take the first few minutes and go through my curated studio wardrobe filled with dozens of dresses and outfits perfectly suited for new mothers, so you are looking and feeling your best.

We’ll take our time as your feed your little one, capturing each natural, meaningful moment- playing with the locket around your neck, a chubby hand draped across their round belly, dark lashes lying against their cheek, and wide eyes enraptured with their mama.

25% of proceeds will be donated to charities that support breastfeeding, both locally and worldwide, encouraging the continued advancement of education and enrichment.

Lastly, while breastfeeding is at the center of this celebration, not all mothers are able to or choose to breastfeed their baby, which is a decision faced with it’s own lack of support. In the end, “fed is best” so we have healthy, happy little ones. As such, the Motherhood Event is open to mothers with both breastfed or bottle-fed babies, recording the same loving bond regardless of method.

Sessions are twenty minutes long and are not the traditional “mini sessions” as I wanted us to have plenty of time to relax and move at our own pace, instead of feeling rushed. These won’t be contrived poses, but I’ll simply capture you and your sweet baby as you naturally are: comforting, feeding, cuddling, kissing, and just adoring each other.

Afterwards, you’ll be sent an online gallery with up to 8 images to choose from and from that will pick your favorite three to receive as digital files. Lastly, you’ll choice your favorite image of the day and that you’ll receive as a beautifully matted 5×7 fine art print (matted to 8×10).



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