Here you will find past sessions and personal projects, shared memories and favorite stories. And lots of pretty pictures.

One Look | Sebastian

Babies love to stand ON things and sit IN things, so I always try to bring along a chair or a crate for my littlest sessions. I asked mom and dad if they wanted me to get my crate from the car (before I lugged it up the mountain) and they started smiling and pulled out the most adorable child-sized rocking chair.

This rocking chair has been in dad’s family for generations, belong first to his great-great-great (wait… I lost track) grandparent. It’s been passed down through the years, and now traveled just a little further to Hatcher’s Pass to take part in Sebastian’s one year session.

This right here is what I love. Yes, I have chairs and crates and props available, but anytime we can switch out for a family heirloom or something that is significant and meaningful, let’s do it. This picture is 1000x more special because of that little red chair and the story behind it.

Family Session | Megan Marlene Photography | One year birthday | family mountain session in Hatcher Pass Alaska

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