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Grandkids at the beach | 30A and Santa Rosa Beach Family and Grandparent Portraits

This stretch of white sand along the Florida panhandle holds such special meaning for my family. My great-grandparents and later my grandparents lived just north of there so whenever we go down to visit Papa we go just a little bit further to spend a few days at the beach. This time we stayed along the highly recommended 30A at Santa Rosa Beach and the beach was beyond beautiful, with calming colors and sparkling water as far as the eye could see. Every time we’ve visited, one of the must-have things is to do family pictures in this place of significance and memories. For my parents, this meant having a picture on the beach they love with the four grandkids they adore. And even the 45 degree chill and high winds couldn’t stop us from making that happen.

Oh, and we took some pictures with us “big kids” too.


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