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Anchorage Motherhood Photographer | 1st Annual Motherhood Event

The first annual motherhood event was everything my heart hoped it would be and so much more. This kind of event has long been a dream of mine but I didn’t have the space for it until moving into my new Photography Studio here in East Anchorage. Months in the making, once registration for the Motherhood Event opened up it sold out in less than four hours (and I still squeezed in a few extra spots). 2018 Clients were gifted with complimentary spots and new clients could book one of the open spots. I was so excited to see all my favorite people again and meet even more wonderful families.

The day was bright and beautiful, filled with lovely light and so many cuddles. Moms arrived a few minutes to pick outfits from my ever-growing studio wardrobe and there were tulle skirts, lace galore, and all the pretty colors. All the kids just loved on their mommas and I was there to capture every beautiful, precious moment.

For some mommas, they held their brand-new little ones, just a few months old. Others hugged their big kids that are getting bigger entirely too quickly. There were tea parties and tickle fights, and meeting new baby brother, still in mommy’s tummy.

When the sessions were over, each momma went home with a box of my favorite pampering goodies, both as a thank you and as a way to make the magic last a little bit longer.

So here’s to a wonderful first annual Motherhood Event and I’m already planning for our second one next year!