They're only a baby for twelve months. And only a child for twelve years. It goes by all too quickly and each milestone, each stage, is worth saving. The funny little thing they did at six months you'll still see glimpses of when they're eight years old, but having a beautiful picture that you can hold onto helps you hold onto them for just a while longer.

The magic of childhood can never be replicated and should never be forgotten.

baby & child sessions

Childhood is filled with so much change. In the first year alone they change from a tiny newborn to a loud and playful toddler. Then, over the following years they learn to ride bikes, to read, they gain best friends, and before we know it, they're nearly grown. Those first years don't seem nearly long enough and we desperately want to hold on somehow and just slow things down, afraid that we're going to miss something, forget something. Through photography we document life's most treasured moments, record all the precious, overlooked details, and slow time down just a bit. 

Baby & Child Sessions can be booked as a smaller petite session or larger portrait session. They are reserved with a $200 session fee and a collection is chosen, each one filled with memories and heirlooms ready to be enjoyed for all the years of their childhood and beyond.