Pre-Session Consultation

Once your session is booked, we set up a time for us to meet in person for a Consultation. During this time we'll go over all the session information, look at outfit options, dream about your future gallery wall, and plan every little detail.

But most of all, we'll get to know each other and find out what means the most to your family and prepare for our memories-in-the-making. By the day of, we will no longer be strangers, but friends. 

Wardrobe & Styling

Aside from the session itself, choosing what to wear is among the most important aspects of preparing for our time together. As part of the consulting services, I'll make styling and shopping recommendations.

You are also invited to use the Studio Wardrobe, which has clothing for mamas, dads, babies, and young children, giving you more time with your family and keeping your outfit budget and stress at a minimum.

Training & Expertise

For the past seven years, I have made it a point to attend a new workshop or engage in specialized training each year. During these times I've studied under the best newborn and family photographers in the industry, refining my portraiture, honing my craft, and learning new methods and techniques.

In addition to the in-person training, I also am member of professional societies and groups, surrounding myself with a community of talented photographers and creative folk. All so I can ensure that I am giving my clients the best experience possible.

Relaxed Scheduling

Only a limited number of sessions are booked each month so that you will receive the personal attention you and your family deserve. One newborn session is scheduled per day and we book a full two+ hours (three+ hours for multiples) so that the experience is as relaxed and stress-free as possible. If we need to spend thirty minutes cuddling and feeding to get the perfect picture, we can.

For outdoor sessions, our long Alaskan days provide for a wider array of golden hours, allowing us to conveniently schedule for both weekends and weekdays after work, yet before bedtime.

Simple Props

My sessions aren't filled with loud colors and distractions, but soft light, neutral tones, and simple props that keeps all the focus on you and your little ones. Wooden toys, old-fashioned blocks, cuddly stuffed animals, and classic books are among some of the props you'll find in the Studio.

You are also welcome to bring along special mementoes and family keepsakes to include in the session, such as a parent's outfit from when they were a baby, a locket from a grandparent that has passed on, or the quilt that was hand-made with love.

Studio & Field Locations

The natural-light Studio is located in West Anchorage and is designed to be a warm, relaxing place for our sessions with all the comforts of home. Food and drinks are provided along with magazines, charge cables for your phones, toys for the littles one, and extra diapers and wipes on the changing table. The Studio is even divided into two rooms so you can relax and any siblings can play in the front room while we keep the shooting room warm, soothing, and quiet for baby. 

There are two Field locations, one in West Anchorage, close to the Studio, and the other, larger one in Palmer. Both locations offer their own unique look and style and are the perfect backdrop for our family, milestone, and maternity sessions. 

Natural Posing

Simple, pure, and emotional. Those are the guiding words when it comes to posing. When working with newborns, I ascribe to the organic posing mindset, taking those beautiful moments that come naturally, and gently brushing back a wayward curl, smoothing the fingers, and coaxing a sleepy smile so your baby will look just the way you always remember them. 

For family portraits, whether in the studio or outside, we do a mix of posed and candid moments that will be perfect for over the mantle or as part of your family's storybook album. Real moments that evoke real smiles and real laughter, making a whole new set of memories.

Gallery Reveal

After our session you are invited back to the Studio for a personal ordering appointment, the Gallery Reveal. There you'll watch the session slideshow and view your portraits for the very first time. For those out of the local area, we set up a phone call or video chat so you can still receive one-on-one attention. 

Following our Gallery Reveal, your private online gallery will be emailed, ready to share with those closest to you. 

Images & Heirloom Products

It's important that you be able to enjoy your memories in as many ways as possible. Whether choosing one of the all-inclusive packages or product collections, every option includes digital images with full printing rights. Along with those images you'll also receive a set of 4x6 prints, perfect for those desktop frames or baby's memory box. 

The heirloom products offered are among the best available, fine art canvases that won't wear or fade and handbound albums that are ready to be enjoyed for years to come.